How This Can Be Your Edge After The Interview

Many of us give so much effort and time to prepare for a job interview. We polish our resumes. We research about the company. We practice our answers for crucial job interview questions. These preparations are all good. They help us to pass each step in the recruitment process. They help us to be on top of our game.

If you’re looking for a way on how you can get an edge, then listen to this. A lot of people think that having a well-written resume and a memorable job interview are the two things that will help them secure the job they want. This is true, but take note that these are not the only methods of boosting your chances of getting hired by the company.

A good way to increase your chances and leave a positive lasting impression is to send a thank you email after the interview. This is very simple but it can be quite effective.

The objective for sending a thank you email

Why should you send a thank you email? The first reason why you should send a thank you email is to show appreciation to the hiring manager for interviewing with you. Sending a thank you email is not exactly a common practice. Many applicants choose not to get in touch after the interview. And it’s because it is not required. Not sending a thank you email will not hurt your chances. But it can certainly increase it. The second reason to send a thank you email is to leave a good impression. The hiring manager might have interviewed a large number of applicants. But if you take time to send a thank you email, then the hiring manager will surely appreciate this gesture. It will leave a positive impression. It will help in making you more memorable than the rest of the candidates. Lastly, the third reason to send a thank you email is to offer something valuable. This will show the hiring manager that you are willing to give them a valuable thing although you’re not yet part of the company. It will also show them that you really put an effort in sending them a not just a simple thank you email, but a thank you email with actual value. If you’re looking for more advance interview techniques. We suggest to check out the career mastery.

Advice when sending a thank you email

First and foremost, your thank you email should be sent within one day following the interview. If it’s possible, send it right after the interview. The next reminder is to avoid promoting yourself too much in the thank you email. Keep in mind that this is not the purpose of this letter. Instead of talking about your achievements and selling your skills, focus on showing your appreciation for the interview. And lastly, think of the value that you want to offer. Consider what the hiring manager would find useful. Is it the latest report on industry trends? Is it an insightful piece from a business journal? Consider what your options are and choose the best one.  It will not guarantee that you will get the job. However, you can be sure that the hiring manager will appreciate this gesture. Who knows? Maybe it will help the manager in making the important hiring decision.