How to Answer: Why Should We Hire You?

This is your chance to surprise them. Your solution needs to summarise the 3 or 4 quality reasons to hire you. It’s far first-rate to have 3 or 4 strong motives with descriptions or interesting examples than to be counted a list of twelve contextual strengths.


That is a possibility to reiterate your most great strengths and describe your most memorable promoting factors, designed to align with the key necessities of the process description. Your three-four points may include a combination of the subsequent:


industrial experience

experience in appearing certain tasks or obligations

Technical skills

soft skills

foremost Achievements

Awards / Accolades



Achievements tales are always exact, mainly if you can describe how a critical success (a success advertising marketing campaign, as an example) demonstrates a favoured competence (creativity, result orientation).


One technique is to mention any precise mixture of abilities and reviews you have got. For example, many applicants may additionally have strong programming abilities, however, what happens you integrate people with leadership experience that others do not have? It appears like you are the excellent recipe for a senior programmer. Explain why your solution.


I highly recommend this YouTube video about job interview question why should we hire you. It will surely help you  a lot about this topic.


Some Job seekers need to be able to increase a fashionable solution to that question, which may be custom designed a chunk for each opportunity. And so:


Step one: Brainstorming


To start with, evaluation of the Job description (or a consultant activity description in case you do not have a web interview now) and your resume, and ask yourself the following questions:


  • What are the most important qualifications for this position from the factor of view of the enterprise?
  • In which of those areas will I surely shine?
  • What are my maximum outstanding accomplishments?
  • What sets me other than the standard candidate?

Brainstorm and write down the whole thing that comes to mind.


Step two: shape Your sales Argument.


Then pick out the three-four points that make the most compelling argument for you. Use these points to structure your sales pitch. Do not write a script to memorise, entirely seize the factors you need to convey. Each decal will describe the elements of sale with a brief rationalisation or example for the context.


Preserve it concisely: you still want to hold your response within one to two mins, so that you can not reactivate all the abilities and achievements of your resume. You have to reflect on consideration on what sets you other than the competition.


Step three: practice


When you sense excellent approximately the factors you need to make; it’s time to exercise. Once more, it is no longer a unique concept to memorise a script: you may turn out to be looking like a robotic or feel extra anxious due to the stress to bear in mind specific words.


The excellent method is to capture your vignettes, take a look at them and then exercise them until you experience cosy. Your reaction needs to be a piece unique on every occasion, but you must usually cowl the points you need to make.


Do not forget: it’s also very vital to look confident and enthusiastic when handing over your release. Lead them to accept as right within you, your capabilities and your commitment.


In case you task self-belief (even if you have to faux it a chunk), it is more likely to make a significant effect. As for enthusiasm, remember the fact that the proper ardour for the paintings you want is an entirely convincing promoting factor. Sure, enjoy, and qualifications are critical. However, the right attitude can, in reality, come up with a part over those with similar experience.


After a few years of experience in recruiting and hiring, I would instead hire someone with a bit much less enjoys, however, be encouraged and encouraged to research and be successful.